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sheila March 25, 2004: More Tips for a Safe and Secure Trip
Road Warrior Sheila J. Kittle has compiled a no-nonsense set of essential tips for smart and safe travel in hotels and rental cars. Read her list. (She's checked it twice!)

March 4, 2004: Tips for a Safe and Secure Trip
After 16 years in the travel industry, Sheila J. Kittle has learned many lessons. Her intention this week is to offer business travelers an overview of the essential "need to knows" about air travel right now.

September 18, 2003: Where the Web Works for You
Sheila J. Kittle has collected many addresses for the Web sites that she considers "must haves." In no particular order, here are her absolute favorites.

August 21, 2003: 'Business Fares' Lose Their Luster
To determine whether a refundable or nonrefundable ticket is the best option requires excellent planning and a bit of math skill. For travelers and corporations sick of the nonsense, there is an even better option: Switch from the major airlines to the low-fare carriers, which have a more reasonable pricing structure. Sheila J. Kittle has the details.

July 24, 2003: Bad Service? Write a Good Complaint Letter
If your travel woes go beyond the normal airport security hassles, lousy room service or dirty rental cars, you need to gather your thoughts and your receipts and take the time to put your grievances on paper. Not every complaint letter will be rewarded with a compensatory response, but the offending travel supplier should be given the opportunity to right the wrong, says Sheila J. Kittle.

July 10, 2003: Bagging the Elusive Airline Upgrade
Sheila J. Kittle is vice president of corporate travel for Raymond James Financial. Her staff of 21 handles more than $15 million in business travel annually. So you'd better listen when she talks. In her first column at, she explains why today's frequent flyers must be creative to sit in one of the coveted seats in the front of the plane.

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